Relationships VS. Entrepreneur Magazine

A common view is not my view

I’m in the middle of  reading an article online in Entrepreneur magazine about sales.   I come across this common belief that people have.  Here is a quote about relationships (and sales) that I strongly disagree with. “If you went out on a blind date, you wouldn’t want to hear the other person tell you about their last 17 dates. It’s no different with sales.”   I strongly disagree with this idea. I believe the way a person describes their last relationship or relationships tells me a lot about the person. If the guy is very hateful or said the girl was “crazy”, or still has some pent up anger or sadness I may not want to go out with him.  If a man can talk calmly and just tell it how it is then I can respect that.  It also gives me a clue on problems that may arise and the man may not be introspective to see something within themselves that isn’t working.  Sure, I don’t want to continue to hear about past relationships. And I don’t cared to be compared to someone all the time.  But, I feel it has some weight to it.

 I find a little insight is helpful rather than hurtful.


No Longer an Angry Shopgirl

Peace At last

I’m over my ex. It dawned on me the other day.  I haven’t been angry for some time. I’m content at least for now.  Sure, I got a new boy, but, I don’t know for sure if that is going to last just yet. Either way, I’m good.  I won’t be happy if it doesn’t work out with the new nerdy boy.

At least  I can say I’m over my ex!!!

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Tales of my Beautiful Black Man Continue

I’m Weak and He Works in the Same Building

I ran  into he a few times lately and he has been walking by more now again.  I can’t help myself.  I was actually joking around when I said hello to him again for the 1st time. It is a little strange for us to act like we don’t know each other.  And I bumped into him again today.  I told said hello and talk him to have a good day. And then he called. I didn’t even recognize his voice. He asked me what changed and he thought I wasn’t talking to him. Hmm.. ok. I forgot I gave him the cold shoulder out of frustration. He said he didn’t want any trouble before and so he stopped talking to me.  I forgot about that part. Oops!  I had customers so I couldn’t continue the conversation.  

 Now he will probably stop by and not even have sex with me. 

Let the my stupidity for Hot Men to continue.

Dangers of Running a Art Shop

You May Often Offend People

Nudity. Snudity. Maybe it’s because I’m located in the Midwest? But, Really?

A have a painting here that is reminiscent of the Old Master and the Renaissance time period.  It’s an oil and gold leaf painting. It’s lovely and beautiful and done well. I mean the boy who did it is extremely talented.  And there is an exposed breast in the painting.  It’s not vulgar or odd or gross. And yet it has offended 2 younger woman I know. There were put off by it and were wondering why I have it on display here.

Get over your ideas of nudity being profane or slutty. This isn’t pornography here.

It’s Art. I own a Art Shop.

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Painting Boxes-I’m not a Kinkster

He put me in a Box

You think someone is open-minded until they admittedly said they put you in a box. They were wrong about you.  Of all people to the Painter – Mr. Lifestyle world, can sleep with whoever thought you were like the rest of “his girls”.

We talked. Yes, I went back to him. He asked me if I would come over. I told him that his arrangement does not work for me: ie: his girlfriend would be there.  I told him “this is what I need.”  He said,”that could be arranged.” I didn’t know if I should believe him since that was part of the reason why I didn’t stay hanging around to begin with.  But, he worked it out. His girlfriend argeed not to be there and he gave me what I wanted.  I got a little whipping, my hands tied, touching, spanking, kissing and sex.

He said that he thought about it and that it was best for me to be comfortable instead of him pushing his ideas on me. Finally!!!  I’m not going to be the same as everyone else whether I realize it or not. Whether I want to or not. I’m just me. I’m not going to give into some guy just because he wants me to. If I’m not into it. I’m not. And I’m not into everything. ie: Girls,etc.

He also changed his techinque. He was actually touching and feeling me which he didn’t really “get” before.  Which was odd again for me with all of the experience under his belt. ha!

A temporary solution. Not The Solution but, I had a good time and enjoyed it.

The Box has Been Opened. Guess what? I’m just me.

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Blue Eyes – Chapter 10

Why Not Chapter 10?

It’s kind of in the middle of our 4 years of flirting and never dating, touching or anything. So chapter 10.

I asked him if he was working late last Sat night and he replied,” yeah, but, I can change it around.” I’m thinking, “What! Holly Crap. I’m not asking him out.” “He can do what?” Oh, what did I just say?  So, since he lives a block away from me now I thought I would tell him about a party. I tried very hard to be casual (like a guy, when they are asking you out but, not asking you out).  I said bring friends.etc. 

So now he is looking at me again and waving and crap.  Obviously he was going to re-arrange his schedule for me but, he needs to ask me out. I already have said too much in the past. It’s not like a clean slate going on over here.

Nothing will happen I’m sure but I guess I can have fun again for a while and flirt.

Chapter 11 COMING SOON

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Going back to Me

Just when you think your over Him

And your acting slightly normal. You go and do something really stupid and typically of your non-thinking behavior. Hey, it’s hard being a girl and waiting for things to come to you!  I’m trying to act like a girl in these situations lately. Sure it’s boring, but, also less dramatic, less fun and adventurous for me. Which is a change of pace. Less risk and geez… After writing this I may want to be assertive and stupid again. It’s way more fun. Hmmm…It can also be heartbreaking. It can also lead other women to ask you what the hell were you thinking.  Girls/women don’t act that way.  Ugh. 

I’m  considering just saying what I mean and going after the boys.  I could use some drama.  It is Spring after all. 

See example: Blue Eyes – Chapter 10


Inet Dating – Meeting Good Hair


I’m meeting guy #3 the Man with Good Hair – And in his photos he has those “I want to eat you for dinner”, sultry look in his eyes.   But, I sense something is not right already.  I feel like I convinced him to meet up with me.  Either that or he somehow got me to ask him out.  I’m not sure and he seemed hesitate. At least at first.  We sent a ton of texts to each other on Sunday and we seem to have a lot in common. Strangely kind of a lot in common and that’s a little strange for me.  But, something is wrong. It seems like he is hiding something, shy, not into me, or something that I can’t put my finger on.  I’m hoping to like him or find out what that something is tonight. He even suggested a place that I was going to suggest to meet but, I didn’t want to be a guy about the whole thing so I left it up to him. 

And the Vet – he is slow-moving, not as accessible, which for some reason works for me. Less pressure, and it’s good for me to know that someone is busy and that I may not come 1st. Because now I don’t mind coming in 2nd to school or work because I’m busy myself.  I have a feeling with him that we may not have enough in common but, I thought I couldn’t pass him up.  He is older than me but, is finishing Vet school and is cute so I thought why not?

 I hope this nervous thing goes away after I do this  a few times.


My BBM Gone – Qualities Not Forgotten

I miss his strength

He wasn’t right for me but, he new how to handle me.  I don’t think my ex could even handle me.  He didn’t know how to stand up to me. My Beautiful Black Man won’t take my crap. He stood up to me and didn’t back down. He wanted to be the man and it brought out the more delicate, feminine, gentle side of me. Now if only I could find that again.

And work on not scaring men at the same time. 

Small Woman Intimidates Men

News flash : My 5’2″ Frame Scares Men

Go figure. So I’m kind of a hard ass sometimes and carry myself confidently but, Seriously?

I was talking to one of the mixologists in the building.  I can talk to him about almost anything. I said, “yup, I’m on-line dating.” “That’s what it has come down to.” Then he says,” I know guys around here that like you but, they are afraid of you.” I said,”What?” He said, “Yes, they are afraid of you.”  He uses such words to describe me as “headstrong” “intimidating”  “direct” I guess that’s a bad thing?

I was a little shocked and had to get a second opinion. And it was confirmed.  The lady I asked said I sometimes come across a little “bitchy” and that it is just because I’m “blunt” and “know what I want”.  Again I didn’t think these were bad qualities. 

The news did hit me hard.  I don’t want this to be my image. But, after talking to friends that were surprised to hear this they said. “forget it.” ” you don’t want a wimpy man anyway.” “don’t change for that.” 

So, I’m going with the in between.  I’m going to work on smiling more and being a little more easy-going.

Intimidating. Ha!